A Message From the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Physics and Astronomy at George Mason University! Our goal is to advance knowledge and promote scientific literacy through instruction, research, and outreach. We are a leading physics and astronomy research and education center whose members and graduates, through their work and work-related activities, make positive contributions to science, the economy, and society.

Under the Academics tab you can find information about our degree programs, which provide our students with opportunities and resources to gain the knowledge and develop the skills necessary to pursue further education or obtain productive employment. Our advanced degrees prepare our students for careers in academia, research, or industry.

Many of our faculty and students collaborate with local and national research institutions, including the Naval Research Laboratory, National Institute of Standards and Technology, NASA, the Jefferson Laboratory, and many others to push the boundaries of physics and astronomy research.

There is also a wealth of information regarding our faculty and their research interests, upcoming events, contact information, and department news.

Feel free to look around!

— Paul So, Chair


George Mason University
4400 University Drive, MSN: 3F3
Fairfax, VA 22030-4444

Email: physics@gmu.edu
Phone: 703-993-1280
Location: Map of office locations
Fax: 703-993-1269
Support: support@www.physics.gmu.edu


  1. Paul So
    Office: 203 Planetary HallEmail: paso@gmu.eduPhone: (703) 993-4377Site: http://complex.gmu.edu/~paso

Associate Chair

  1. Rob Cressman
    Associate Professor
    Office: 110 Krasnow InstituteEmail: jcressma@gmu.eduPhone: (703) 993-9643Site: http://physics.gmu.edu/~jcressma/


  1. Justin Brown
    Computer Systems Engineer
    Office: 113 Planetary HallEmail: jbrownf@gmu.edu
  2. Kathleen Enos
    Executive Assistant to the Chair
    Office: 203C Planetary HallEmail: kenos1@gmu.eduPhone: (703) 993-3807
  3. Jessica Hanna
    Grants and Finance Analyst
    Office: 203D Planetary HallEmail: jhanna3@gmu.eduPhone: (703) 993-1836
  4. Dan Thomas
    Equipment Specialist
    Office: 328D Planetary HallEmail: dthomas2@gmu.eduPhone: (703) 993-1202
  5. Brooke Vaughn
    Academic Administrative Specialist
    Office: 203A Planetary HallEmail: bvaughn4@gmu.eduPhone: (703) 993-5356

Front Office

Office: 203 Planetary HallEmail: physics@gmu.eduPhone: 703-993-1280

A full listing of faculty and staff can be found at People.

Information about advising, including a list of contacts can be found at Academics → Advising