American Physical Society and American Institute of Physics Congressional Science Fellowships

Program Number:   06832
Title:            American Physical Society and American Institute of Physics Congressional Science Fellowships

Sponsor:          American Physical Society

SYNOPSIS:  Awards provide support for scientists to work as
special legislative assistants in Congress on issues involving science
and public policy.

Deadline(s):      01/15/2013
Established Date: 04/22/1993
Follow-Up Date:   11/01/2013
Review Date:      12/04/2012

Contact:          Jacquelyn Beamon-Kiene

Address:          Congressional Science Fellowship Program
One Physics Ellipse
College Park, MD 20740-3844
Web Site:
Program URL:
Tel:              301-209-3269
Deadline Ind:     Postmark
Deadline Open:    No

Award Type(s):    Fellowship
Temporary Government Assignments

Citizenship/Country of Applying Institution:
U.S.A. Citizenship (including U.S. Territories)

Locations Tenable:    U.S.A. Institution (including U.S. Territories)

Appl Type(s):     Postdoctoral

Target Group(s):  NONE
Funding Limit:    $0   SEEBELOW
Duration:         1 YEAR(s)
Indirect Costs:   Unspecified
Cost Sharing:     No
Sponsor Type:     Professional/Academic Assoc & Soc.

Geo. Restricted:  NO RESTRICTIONS


OBJECTIVES:   The purpose of this program is to provide a public
service by making available individuals with scientific knowledge and
skills to Members of Congress, few of whom have a technical
background.  In turn, the program enables scientists to broaden their
experience through direct involvement with the legislative and
political processes.  Fellows gain a perspective which, ideally, will
enhance not only their own careers but also the physics community’s
ability to more effectively communicate with its representatives in

Eligible applicants must have a Ph.D. in physics or a closely
related field, a strong interest in science and technology policy,
and, preferably, some experience in applying scientific knowledge
toward the solution of societal problems.  In some cases, the PhD
requirement may be waived for applicants with compensating

Fellowships are for one year, usually running September through
August. A stipend is offered in addition to an allowance for
relocation, professional travel, and health insurance premiums.
Following their year on the Hill, APS Congressional Fellows are
invited to serve a one-year term on the Physics Planning Committee
(PPC) and the Panel on Public Affairs (POPA). (kww)

KEYWORDS:         Public Planning/Policy
Energy Planning/Policy
Communication Systems
Global Change
Science Planning/Policy
Science and Society
Defense Technology
Pollution Control
Pollution Prevention