Sigma Xi Grant Award Winner: Dillon Berger

Congratulations to Dillon Berger, who was awarded a Sigma XI Grant in Aid of Research for a project on modeling the signatures of low mass black holes in galaxies under the direction of Professor Satyapal. This is a very competitive grant with only 15% being awarded and he received $800 in support of this research.

Dillon Berger

Awards and Honors


Hendrickson, S., C. M. Putman, and J. R. Cebral. “Hemodynamics Analysis of a Cerebral Aneurysm Prior to its Rupture.” Best Poster Award of the 2008 Joint Mathematics Meeting of the American Mathematical Society and the Mathematical Association of America (Undergraduate Research Poster Competition). San Diego, CA, 2008.

Löhner, R. Elected Fellow of the International Association of Computational Mechanics, 2008.

Wegman, E. J. …