Congratulations to Graduate Student

Congratulations to graduate student Prabal Saxena for accepting a NASA Postdoctoral Program fellowship at Goddard Space Flight Center.

2015 End of Year Student Award Recipients

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2015 Student Awards.

Student Paper: Signatures of Tidally Distorted Solid Exoplanets

Our work examines the detectability of tidally distorted solid exoplanets in synchronous rotation. Previous work has shown that tidally distorted shapes of close-in gas giants can give rise to radius underestimates and subsequently density overestimates for those planets.

Student Paper: Removal of pseudo-convergence in coplanar and near-coplanar Riemann problems of ideal magnetohydrodynamics solved using finite volume schemes

Numerical schemes for ideal magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) that are based on the standard finite volume method (FVM) exhibit pseudo-convergence in which irregular structures no longer exist only after heavy grid refinement.

Student Paper: Convergent cross-mapping and pairwise asymmetric inference

Convergent cross-mapping (CCM) is a technique for computing specific kinds of correlations between sets of times series.

SPACS students excel in research, garner awards

In recent days, several SPACS students have exhibited and gained plaudits for their research.

  • Marcus Daum gave an invited talk at the OSCAR celebration of scholarship on May 6th.
  • Paul McNulty won 3rd place at the College of Science Undergraduate Research Colloquium on May 1st.
  • Pragyansmita Nayak won first place among graduate student posters, and a $100 reward, at the May 2nd meeting of the Mid-Atlantic region of the Sigma Xi National Science Honor Society.
  • Ryan Pfeifle won second place and a $500 reward at the Mason Science Slam on May 1st.

Congratulations to these and all of our student researchers, who continue to stand out in their research endeavors.

Mason Physics student, Nathan Secrest, discovers black hole

A Dark Discovery: Mason PhD Student Identifies a Mini-Supermassive Black Hole