Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award (OURA)

This award recognizes undergraduate students for outstanding research contributions with research advisors at or outside Mason.

APS/IBM Research Internship

APS and IBM co-sponsor two undergraduate research internship programs;
one for undergraduate women and one for underrepresented minorities.
The application deadline for both programs is February 15, 2016. The
goals of the programs are to encourage women and underrepresented
minority undergraduate students to pursue graduate studies in science
and engineering. Both internship programs feature salaried positions
at IBM research locations that are typically 10 weeks long …

OSCAR Undergraduate Research Scholars Program

The Undergraduate Research Scholars Program (URSP) is designed to give undergraduates an authentic research, creative, or scholarly experience under the guidance of a mentor. Students may receive financial support and/or academic credit for their projects, in addition to developing relevant academic and professional skills.

Database of Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Information about  Undergraduate Research  from  the website Undergraduate  Opportunities Research Program (UORP)

There are many research and creative opportunities available to undergraduates. Students can conduct a research or creative project in ANY discipline, no matter if their interest is anthropology, biomedical sciences, composition, dance, engineering, psychology, etc. UROP helps students find research and creative opportunities either on campus …