COS Powers Up for Renewable Energy Studies


 Spring 2012 Periodic Elements

The need to achieve energy independence and develop clean and affordable renewable energy sources has been a rallying cry here in the United States for decades. The lingering effects of the global recession and political instability in the Middle East have only underscored these concerns. Physics professor Robert Ehrlich is leading efforts in the College of Science to develop renewable energy studies and is writing a new textbook that will be suitable for energy programs across the country.

Ehrlich came to Mason in 1977. He has done physics research,worked to improve physics education, and has been a champion for communicating science to the public. Ehrlich began the work of bringing renewable energy studies to the  university three years ago.
…..he maintains the Renewable EnergyValuation and Understanding Project (, a website that he started in 2009 “to be the most essential web-based source of information for teachers,students, and others interested in renewable energy education.”
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