Benjamin Dreyfus

Assistant Professor


Exploratory Hall 1406

Phone Number

(703) 993-1287


* STEM Accelerator Program:

* Prof. Dreyfus coordinates the Learning Assistants for the department.  For more information about the Learning Assistant program (including how to apply), see

Recent publications:

* B.W. Dreyfus, A. Elby, A. Gupta, E.R. Sohr, “Mathematical sense-making in quantum mechanics:  An initial peek,” Phys. Rev. PER, 13, 020141 (2017),

* B.W. Dreyfus, A. Gupta, E.F. Redish, “Applying conceptual blending to model coordinated use of multiple ontological metaphors,” Int. J. Sci. Ed., 37(5–6), 812–838 (2015),

* B.W. Dreyfus, B.D. Geller, D.E. Meltzer, V. Sawtelle, “Resource Letter TTSM-1: Teaching thermodynamics and statistical mechanics in introductory physics, chemistry, and biology,” Am. J. Phys., 83(1), 5–21 (2015),

* B.W. Dreyfus, J. Gouvea, B.D. Geller, V. Sawtelle, C. Turpen, E.F. Redish, “Chemical energy in an introductory physics course for the life sciences,” Am. J. Phys., 82(5), 403–411 (2014),

* B.W. Dreyfus, V. Sawtelle, C. Turpen, J. Gouvea, E.F. Redish, “Students’ reasoning about ‘high-energy bonds’ and ATP: A vision of interdisciplinary education,” Phys. Rev. ST—Phys. Educ. Res., 10, 010115 (2014),

* B.W. Dreyfus, B.D. Geller, J. Gouvea, V. Sawtelle, C. Turpen, E.F. Redish, “Ontological metaphors for negative energy in an interdisciplinary context,” Phys. Rev. ST—Phys. Educ. Res., 10, 020108 (2014),