Ernest Barreto



116 Krasnow Institute

Phone Number

(703) 993-4431


Professor Barreto works at the convergence of physics, mathematics, and biology. Originally trained in nonlinear dynamics and chaos at the University of Maryland College Park, he later trained in experimental and theoretical neuroscience at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, MA. Current interests include the study of synchronization in populations of coupled oscillators, the individual and collective dynamics of neurons in the brain, and the fundamental dynamical mechanisms that underlie normal cognitive processing and pathological conditions such as epilepsy.

BA 1990, University of Chicago
MS 1995, PhD 1996, University of Maryland, College Park
Neurobiology (2000); Methods in Computational Neuroscience (2001)
Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA


Selected Publications

Inverse Stochastic Resonance

Collective Dynamics of Populations of Neurons

Single Neuron Dynamics

Nonlinear Dynamics of Coupled Oscillators


Dynamical Systems Theory