Nirmal Ghimire

Assistant Professor


Planetary Hall 239

Phone Number

(703) 993-3158



Dr. Ghimire received his PhD from University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN in 2013. During PhD, he spent three years as a graduate research assistant at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He was a postdoctoral research associate in Los Alamos National Laboratory from 2013 – 2015.  From 2015 – 2018 he was a Director’s Postdoctoral Fellow at Argonne National Laboratory. He joined GMU in 2018, where he is currently an Assistant Professor.


Dr. Ghimire’s research focuses in discovering and understanding novel emergent phenomena in quantum materials via designing and synthesizing materials and measuring their magnetic and transport properties. The systems of interest include topological insulators, Dirac and Weyl (semi)metals, correlated topological materials and chiral magnets.

Awards and Fellowships:

  • Director’s Postdoctoral Fellowship, Argonne National Laboratory 10/2015

  • Seaborg Fellowship, Seaborg Institute, Los Alamos National Laboratory 03/2015

  • Chancellor’s Citation for Extraordinary Professional Promise, The University of Tennessee, 04/2013

  • Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Physics and Astronomy, The University of Tennessee, 04/2009

Selected Publications

[1] Nirmal. J. Ghimire, A. S. Botana, J. S. Jiang, Junjie Zhang, Y.-S. Chen & J. F. Mitchell, Large anomalous Hall effect in the chiral-lattice antiferromagnet CoNb3S6. Nature Communications 9, 3280 (2018). Highlighted by the editor, featured in Argonne National Lab.
[2] N. J. Ghimire, Mojammel A. Khan, A. S. Botana, J. S. Jiang, and J. F. Mitchell. Anisotropic angular magnetoresistance and Fermi surface topology of the candidate novel topological metal Pd3Pb. Physical Review Materials 2, 081201 (2018). Published as Rapid Communication and highlighted by the editor.
[3] David M Fobes, S Zhang, S-Z Lin, Pinaki Das, NJ Ghimire, ED Bauer, JD Thompson, LW Harriger, G Ehlers, A Podlesnyak, RI Bewley, A Sazonov, V Hutanu, F Ronning, CD Batista, M Janoschek. Tunable emergent heterostructures in a prototypical correlated metal. Nature Physics 14, 456 (2018).
[4] Philip JW Moll, Andrew C Potter, Nityan L Nair, BJ Ramshaw, KA Modic, Scott Riggs, Bin Zeng, Nirmal J Ghimire, Eric D Bauer, Robert Kealhofer, Filip Ronning, James G Analytis, Magnetic torque anomaly in the quantum limit of the Weyl semi-metal NbAs, Nature Communications 7, 12492 (2016).
[5] Junfeng He, Chaofan Zhang, Nirmal J Ghimire, Tian Liang, Chunjing Jia, Juan Jiang, Shujie Tang, Sudi Chen, Yu He, S-K Mo, CC Hwang, M Hashimoto, DH Lu, B Moritz, TP Devereaux, YL Chen, JF Mitchell, Z-X Shen, Distinct Electronic Structure for the Extreme Magnetoresistance in YSb, Physical Review Letters 117, 267201 (2016).
[6] N. J. Ghimire, Yongkang Luo, D. J. Williams, E. D. Bauer and F. Ronning; Magnetotransport of single crystalline NbAs, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 27, 152201 (2015). Published as Fast Track Communication.
[7] Jason S. Ross, Philip Klement, Aaron M. Jones, Nirmal J. Ghimire, Jiaqiang Yan, D. G. Mandrus, Takashi Taniguchi, Kenji Watanabe, Kenji Kitamura, Wang Yao, David H Cobden & Xiaodong Xu; Electrically tunable excitonic light emitting diodes based on monolayer WSe2 p-n junctions, Nature Nanotechnology 9, 268-272 (2014).
[8] Aaron M. Jones, Hongyi Yu, Nirmal Ghimire, Sanfeng Wu, Grant Aivazian, Jason S. Ross, Bo Zhao, Jiaqiang Yan, David G. Mandrus, Di Xiao, Wang Yao & Xiaodong Xu; Optical generation of excitonic valley coherence in monolayer WSe2, Nature Nanotechnology 8, 634 (2013).
[9] N. J. Ghimire, M. A. McGuire, D. S. Parker, B. Sipos, S. Tang, J.-Q. Yan, B. C. Sales, and D. Mandrus; Magnetic phase transition in single crystals of the chiral helimagnet Cr1/3NbS2, Physical Review B 87, 104403 (2013).
[10] Jason S. Ross, Sanfeng Wu, Hongyi Yu, Nirmal J. Ghimire, Aaron M. Jones, Grant Aivazian, Jiaqiang Yan, David G. Mandrus, Di Xiao, Wang Yao & Xiaodong Xu; Electrical control of neutral and charged excitons in a monolayer semiconductor, Nature Communications 4, 1474 (2013).

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