Patrick Vora

Assistant Professor


Planetary Hall 237


Patrick Vora is the Director of the GMU Quantum Materials Center and leads a research group that focuses on the optical, magnetic, and electronic properties of low-dimensional materials. These include two-dimensional materials with semiconducting, superconducting, and topological electronic behaviors. In addition, Dr. Vora is also a member of the GMU CASBBI center where his group works to develop biosensing technologies based on nanostructured materials. He is the recipient of the 2017 GMU Dean’s Early Career Excellence award and has previously obtained funding from the National Science Foundation as well as the Office of Naval Research. Dr. Vora earned his Ph.D. at the University of Pennsylvania and was an NRC Postdoctoral Fellow in quantum information at the Naval Research Laboratory.

Research Areas

-Condensed Matter Experiment
-Quantum Materials


-Physics 407 – Senior Laboratory in Modern Physics
-Physics 260 – University Physics II
-Physics 263 – University Physics III Laboratory
-Physics 412/512 – Solid State Physics and Applications