Peter Plavchan

Assistant Professor


243 Planetary Hall


Peter Plavchan is an assistant professor of physics and astronomy at George Mason University.  He earned his undergraduate degree in Physics at Caltech in 2001, his PhD from UCLA in 2006, and he has held appointments at the NASA Exoplanet Science Institute at Caltech, Missouri State University, and a visiting appointment at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr Plavchan is an observational exoplanet astronomer, with a focus on the formation and demographics of planets around cool dwarfs, utilizing the radial velocity and transit detection methods.  He is the PI of a NASA Probe Mission concept called EarthFinder, is a member of the NASA HabEx flagship mission concept Science and Technology Definitions Team, has served as an Executive Committee member of the NASA Exoplanet Program Analysis Group (ExoPAG), and has received multiple NASA Group Honor Achievement Awards. His research is currently supported by NASA, NSF, and the Mt Cuba Astronomical Foundation, and his work has appeared in numerous local and national publications.

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