Physics and Engineering majors get highest scores on MCAT

Some Statistics on the MCAT and Undergraduate Majors

Posted on March 30, 2010 by Med School Odyssey

The American Institute of Physics (AIP) put out some interesting data regarding MCAT scores relative to choice of undergraduate major.  The numbers are rather striking and show a pretty extreme disparity between the scores of the traditional pre-med undergraduate majors and the scores of those following the road less traveled.

..”Of course, there are a lot of things unsaid here and it would be pretty illicit to say that the sole determining factor between these groups was their choice of major.  One could easily make the argument that a certain degree of selection bias exists here, but it’s difficult to quantify.  Personally, I suspect that the primary reason for the discrepancy between the biology and physics/engineering types is that the MCAT is designed to test problem-solving rather than rote-memorization.  It really shouldn’t surprise anyone that students that spent four years learning to solve problems out-perform students that  spent four years memorizing their lecture notes.”