Bradley Smith

Senior Software Architect

Year Graduated: 1995
SPACS Degree: MS Physics
Employer: Geneva Software

I have been doing quite well since leaving the GMU Physics Department. After graduation, I bumped around a little and ended up doing business software application development. In order to enhance my newly chosen career, I completed a Masters Degree in Computer and Information Systems from Hood College. I am currently working for Geneva Software and have been for the past 7 years. Geneva is a small software development firm doing custom application development primarily for the Department of State. My current role with Geneva is Senior Software Architect. In this role I oversea the design of most all application being developed at Geneva. I design the base classes that all of our applications are built on. I work to ensure that developers are following a strict set of coding standards that we enforce, via code reviews and continued developer training. While I am not able to use directly the knowledge I learned, the problem solving skills I developed while studying Physics have proved invaluable to my career growth. If I were to do it all again I would certainly choose Physics. I see many co-workers who studied more directly Computers Science, while they have a greater understanding of the languages and concepts cannot solve the difficult problems that often arise when developing software.