Dana Johnson

Director of RF Development

Year Graduated: 1984
SPACS Degree: MS Physics
Employer: SkyBitz, Inc

I’m currently Director of RF Development for a small, asset tracking firm located in Dulles, VA. Previously I worked for a local defense contractor designing antennas and RF systems for airborne applications. In the the late 90’s I decided to leave my cozy, big company job and test the commercial waters. I joined a small, startup firm that was trying to develop a cheap, point to multi-point, smart antenna system to deliver last mile and carrier class(?) wireless, broadband access. Unfortunately venture capital market instability and other pressures left that dream unfulfilled. In 2000 I joined my current employer and am responsible for all RF and microwave systems that we use with our satellite based, asset tracking service. Most of what we use has been designed and developed internally. Our service is an exciting blend of fairly sophisticated hardware(mobile terminal and satellite gateway channel units), firmware, software, and web content(see our web site www.skybitz.com ). Wish us luck!