Erik Melis

Assoc Dir, Financial Aid

Year Graduated: 1992
SPACS Degree: MS Physics
Employer: George Mason University

As Associate Director of Financial Aid, in addition to counseling students and their families about the opportunities in financial aid, I also oversee the application systems side of our operation. I ensure that all the computer interfaces and software systems that we use are up to date, tested, and fully implemented. I am currently the Financial Aid Team Leader for the Student Information System conversion to the SCT Banner platform. I actually pursued my degree in Physics at GMU, not in order to work in the field, but because I just enjoy physics, astronomy, and the mathematics behind the sciences. While pursuing the degree, I worked as a student worker in the Financial Aid Office, decided I REALLY enjoy working in an academic setting, and after graduation, decided to continue working in the financial aid profession. I am currently actively pursuing my Masters degree in Information Systems at GMU