Harold Geller

Harold Geller

Associate Professor
Director of College of Science Observatory

Employer: George Mason University Primary Research: Astrophysics Science Education Science Policy
Department: Department of Physics and Astronomy

Office: 216 Research Hall  Phone: 703.993.1276
Office Hours: ASTR 103: Tuesday and Thursday 10:30–11:30 PM or by appointment. ASTR 302: Tuesday and Thursday 3:00–4:00 PM or by appointment.
Personal Website: http://physics.gmu.edu/~hgeller/
Other Websites: http://observatory.onmason.com/

Current Research Interests

He has multifaceted experience including computer-based systems for GIS (SAIC), remote sensing systems, scientific research and development, CD-ROM multimedia (Consortium for International Earth Science Information Networks), World Wide Web sites, artificial neural network applications (SAIC), microprocessor applications (Defense Systems), computer simulation and modeling, analog and digital electronics subsystems, requirements analysis, tests and evaluation (SAIC), and computer-aided design and engineering (Grumman Aerospace Corporation

Teaching Interests

HNRT: 228 Astrobiology
HNRT 228: Energy and the Environment
ASTR 390: Astrobiology Topics
ASTR 103 ::
ASTR 111 ::
ASTR 113 ::
ASTR 114: Resources
The Galaxy Zoo
ASTR 113c01 ::
ASTR 113c02 ::
ASTR 113c03 ::
ASTR 302
ASTR 402 ::
ASTR 769

Alumni, Instructional Faculty, Science Education