Hongwei (Howard) Sheng

Hongwei (Howard) Sheng

Associate Professor

Primary Research: Computational Materials Science

Office: 225 Research Hall Phone: (703) 993-8576

Current Research Interests

Dr. Sheng's research interest focuses on: Structural ordering and polyamorphism in liquids and glasses; Prediction of materials formation under high pressures; Phase transition mechanism and kinetics; Structure-property relationships of metastable materials. His research involves in situ synchrotron X-ray structural characterization and computational modeling and simulation of materials on various temporal-spatial scales. He currently leads a materials research group, aiming to develop new approaches toward difficult scientific problems in materials research and design new materials of scientific and technological importance.


Recent Publications

  1. L. Zhong, J. Wang, H.W. Sheng*, Z. Zhang, S.X. Mao*, Formation of monatomic metallic glasses through ultrafast liquid quenching, Nature 512, 177 (2014)
  2. X. Lü, Q. Hu, W. Yang, L. Bai, H.W. Sheng, L. Wang, F. Huang, J. Wen, D.J. Miller, Y. Zhao, Pressure-induced amorphization in single-crystal Ta2O5 nanowires: a kinetic mechanism and improved electrical conductivity, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 135, 13947 (2013).
  3. Q. Zeng, W.L. Mao, H.W. Sheng, Z. Zeng, Q. Hu, Y. Meng and J. Z. Jiang (2013). The effect of composition on pressure-induced devitrification in metallic glasses. Appl. Phys. Lett,, 102, 171905 (2013)
  4. Z. Pei, L.F. Zhu, M. Friák, S. Sandlöbes, J. von Pezold, H.W. Sheng, CP Race,  Ab initio and atomistic study of generalized stacking fault energies in Mg and Mg–Y alloys, New Journal of Physics 15 (4), 043020 (2013)
  5. A. Cadien, Q.Y. Hu, Y. Meng, Y.Q. Cheng, J.F. Shi, H-K. Mao and H.W. Sheng, First-order liquid-liquid phase transition in Cerium, Phys. Rev. Lett., 110, 043020 (2013)

Teaching Interests

  • The Wave Mechanics of Electrons in Metals
  • Atomistic Simulation of Materials
  • Physical Foundations of Materials Science
  • Computational Quantum Mechanics

Instructional Faculty