Jie Zhang

Jie Zhang


Primary Research: Space Weather

Office: 257 Planetary Hall Phone: 703-993-1998

Current Research Interests

My main research interest has two folds. The first one focuses on the science on fully understanding the physical mechanisms of solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs), the two most energetic phenomena occurring on the Sun but affect the environment throughout the entire solar system, including the space near the Earth, Moon and Mars. The second one focuses on the practical purpose of creating robust models to characterize the initiation and propagation of these eruptions across the integrated Sun-Earth system with the aim of providing accurate prediction of space weather. This research is closely tied with several ongoing research programs sponsored by federal agencies including NASA, NSF and DoD, e.g., National Space Weather Program and Living With a Star Program. This research has impacts not only on addressing the fundamental physics problems, such as plasma instability and magnetic reconnection, but also on addressing societal needs of mitigating adverse space weather effects on human space exploration, robotic satellite operation, communication and navigation.

Teaching Interests

Introduction to Modern Astronomy I
Introduction to Modern Astronomy II
Introduction to Modern Astronomy Lab 1
Solar Atmosphere
Introduction to Space Weather

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