Joseph Lieb

Joseph Lieb

Professor Emeritus

Primary Research: Nuclear Physics

Office: 251 Planetary Hall Phone: 703.993.1284

Current Research Interests

B. Joseph Lieb is an experimentalist in nuclear and particle physics and also involved in computer simulations of planetary atmospheres. He has participated in experiments at several international particle accelerator facilities. Currently he is involved in an international collaboration using the COSY proton accelerator at the IKP laboratory in Germany. These experiments probe meson interactions with nuclei and the major focus is an attempt to detect the theoretically predicted existence of bound states of eta mesons in nuclei. Several years ago Dr. Lieb got involved in computer modeling of the Martian atmosphere based on the Caltech/JPL photochemical model. Included in the research that is currently in progress are detailed studies to predict the behavior of gases which might be indicative of subsurface life on Mars including CH4, HCN, H2S, NH3 and H2CO. These model studies include globally averaged-calculations, diurnal concentrations of these gases and their behavior at the surface-atmosphere boundary under various assumptions