Peter Becker

Peter Becker

Director of International Collaborations

Primary Research: Computational Sciences and Informatics Astrophysics

Office: 111 Planetary Hall Phone: 703-993-3619
Office Hours: Wednesdays 3:00–4:00 PM. Please make an appointment first.
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Current Research Interests

My research interests include a variety of topics in theoretical astrophysics, mathematical physics, and numerical analysis. Some particular topics of interest follow:

* Modeling the dynamical structure and radiative properties of the accretion columns that form over the magnetic poles in binary X-ray pulsars.

* Studying the production of relativistic outflows from the vicinity of black holes as a result of shock-driven particle acceleration occurring in the surrounding accretion disk.

* Analytical and numerical modeling of the trans-relativistic acceleration of cosmic rays and solar flare particles due to Fermi processes.

* Studies of time-dependent particle acceleration in astrophysical plasmas.

Teaching Interests

CSI : General Astronomy
Thermal Physics
Computational Astrophysics
High Energy Astrophysics
Relativity and Cosmology

Instructional Faculty, Physics PhD Faculty