Robert Meier

Robert Meier

Research Professor

Primary Research: Space Weather

Office: 255 Planetary Hall Phone: 703.993.9847 (GMU) 703.973.5482 (c) 202.767.2773 (NRL)
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Current Research Interests


  • Upper atmospheric and ionospheric physics, chemistry, and dynamics with special emphasis on development of techniques for remote sensing of composition and temperature.
  • Studies of auroras from ground and space to understand nature of precipitating particles and their relationship to geomagnetic storms.
  • Investigation of the basic properties of comets and their interaction with the solar wind and radiation fields.
  • The interstellar medium and its interaction with the solar system, with special focus on the flow of hydrogen and helium into the interplanetary regime.
  • Studies of the plasmasphere and its special relationship with the ionosphere and magnetosphere, especially from a global perspective through extreme ultraviolet imaging.
  • Radiative transport theory, with emphasis on development of numerical techniques for interpretation of spectra and images of very optically thick planetary atmospheres.
  • Solar irradiance variability and its effect on planetary atmospheres.
  • Photolysis of trace constituents in the middle atmosphere.
  • Planetary atmospheres, with special interest in Venus, Mars and the moons of the outer planets.
  • Space-based experimentation with rocket and satellite payloads.

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