The Blended & Virtual Learning Frontier Special Report

A Research Report from the center for digital education and Converge

“These are interesting times in the education field, and a bit hectic for education leaders at all
levels. The digital revolution has hit full force and a whole new education frontier is emerging.
It is important to remember, however, that the revolution in banking took under a decade. The ATM
greatly improved convenience for users and significantly lowered costs for banks. I can’t even remember
the last time I went to a field branch. Similarly, the peak of evolution in education with blended and online
learning has been the fundamental restructuring of the delivery mechanism. It will continue to evolve into the
future, like in other fields. Banking, for instance, is now personalized online in so many ways and there is even
micro-banking and micro-lending.
The Center for Digital Education sees that schools everywhere are grappling with the rather vast new
frontier of blended and virtual learning. As such, we wanted to start defining the territory. This Special
Report describes the various terms in blended and virtual learning, and gives education leaders more
than a few ideas of what their peers are already doing in this new frontier.
Leilani Cauthen”
Publisher, Converge Special Reports
Vice President, Center for Digital Education