Will MOOC-hers Overwhelm the System?

Will MOOC-hers Overwhelm the System?

  • 11/01/12¬† Campus Technology¬† by Andrew Barbour , executive editor of Campus Technology.

But with so much uncertainty facing higher education, charting a course through the fog will be tough. I am the first to

admit that I have doubts about online learning and its capacity to provide an equivalent–or better–educational

experience to young adults. For me, there are still as many questions as answers:

  • Are undergraduate students mature enough to see an online course–let alone a degree–through to completion?
  • How much of the value of a four-year college experience is social, not academic?
  • How do established universities maintain their brand identity and value in a disaggregated education model?
  • Is there a role for midtier schools in an online world of high-quality course offerings from elite institutions?

Maybe online learning is the answer, maybe not. Perhaps it’s just part of the answer. Over the next year,

Campus Technology will run a series of articles that seek to shed some light on this complex issue. I invite you to

help us sift through the angles and argument